NORSK: The path to standardised cost reporting and improved project controlling

NORSK develops and manages ESG-compliant real estate that leaves a lasting impression. The financial and ESG data converge in Alasco.

Frankfurt (Main), Germany
Asset Manager, Project Developer
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Transparent cost monitoring of ESG-compliant real estate projects

The challenge

NORSK has been operating as a real estate investor and project developer with a focus on ESG-compliant real estate projects since 2018. Successful project management is based on precise project budgeting and a comprehensive cost overview. The team strived for processes driven by automation and efficiency to ensure a faster and more secure cost monitoring. Transparent reporting throughout the realisation of a project was essential to provide reliable and consistent information to all stakeholders. 

The solution

NORSK implemented Alasco as the main software solution for cost management. It covers all issues related to cost controlling and monitoring - from precise budget planning to the detailed presentation of orders, including follow-up management. All necessary data is available in Alasco and simultaneously automatically processed. Alasco thus serves as a single source of information for cost controlling.

The outcome

Alasco offers a comprehensive overview of financial and ESG data over the course of a project. 

The automation of processes as well as the centralization of information support the increased accuracy and reliability of the data. All in all, this leads to greater transparency in analysis and reporting. Information for reporting to stakeholders can now be retrieved faster and more reliably in one place thanks to Alasco. Alasco thus supports more effective decision-making in project management as well as faster and more reliable reporting.

About the company

NORSK Deutschland AG was founded in April 2018 as a German stock corporation based in Frankfurt am Main. The real estate investor and project developer develops pioneering, ESG-compliant real estate projects.

"With Alasco, our processes have been automated, allowing us to deliver cost information in a more reliable and expedited manner." - Lennart Fuss, Project Lead & ESG Manager, NORSK Germany


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