ESG Management pricing

Only pay for what you use. Not by user, nor by asset.

What makes us different from other ESG Management solutions?

You only pay for what you use.

You only pay for square metres managed, not by user or asset.

Invite and collaborate with unlimited internal or external users without additional fees.

Your plan for modern ESG Management

Full ESG lifecycle solution for Asset Managers with investor or regulatory driven reporting requirements.

ESG Management includes:

CO2-monitor incl. CREEM analysis

ESG Optimiser incl. economic analysis and subsidies

Scenario planning of ESG measures

Reporting for GRESB and EU taxonomy

Import of consumption data and integration of smart metres

Support via telephone, video call and help centre


Hear it from our customers

Take a peek at what leading real estate companies value about Alasco

"I can do an ESG analysis within 10 minutes. Before using Alasco, we would have hired an energy planner to create a thermal building model, carry out the calculation and then summarise the results in a report. That could have taken weeks and today I can do it in a day."

Lena Vincentelli / Sustainability Manager

"The big advantage of Alasco is the projections. We can start directly with the project [...] and begin optimisation much more quickly.”

Sabrina Geiss Analyst Portfolio Management / Analyst Portfoliomanagement

"With the ESG Optimiser from Alasco, we are using an intelligent solution that shows the investment volume required for decarbonisation on the one hand and visually presents the impact on the stranded asset date on the other.”

Dominick Barton / CEO


Not quite ready to get into the numbers? Then check out some frequently asked pricing questions below:

What determines my price?

The price is dependent on three major components:

  • The net floor area of all active assets on Alasco
  • The contract length and payment terms
Do I have to pay for every asset?

No, our pricing contains an unlimited number of assets because we are aware your portfolios might have just a couple of assets or hundreds of them, so we want to give you maximum flexibility in how you use Alasco.

Do I have to pay for every user?

No, our pricing contains an unlimited number of users because we are aware you need to ensure transparency with lots of stakeholders. The more users you add, the better the quality of the process.

Do I have to pay for my data storage?

No, our pricing is not based on data storage volume and you don’t have to pay additionally for it.

How can Alasco ensure a quick onboarding to the software?

To get you started with our software we offer professional services such as an initial onboarding with our product experts and data migration of your assets.

Are we the right solution for you?

We wouldn’t want to waste your time. Alasco ESG Management may not be the right fit if you manage less than a handful of assets, less than 20 Million EUR AUM or, you have no investor or regulatory driven reporting requirements.

What if I have more questions?

Get in touch with one of our product specialists, they are happy to guide you through the process.

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