OFFICEFIRST: Regeneration with Alasco with emphasis on decarbonisation and revenue

OFFICEFIRST relies on Alasco to measure their impact of ESG optimisation measures quickly and profitably.

Frankfurt (Main), Germany
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How to realise optimisation measures quickly and profitably

The challenge

OFFICEFIRST Real Estate GmbH, a Blackstone Portfolio Company, manages a large number of properties in Germany’s most important office markets. A successful return on investment for investors these days is very much linked to compliance with ESG ratings. The company aims at reducing CO2 consumption in existing properties by 15% latest in the third year after the acquiring a new property.

The solution

The clear structure and easy usability of the software were the two compelling factors for the team. They rely on Alasco in the area of financial controlling.

Introducing ESG management with Alasco, the OFFICEFIRST team draws all reporting data from one place. Consumption data can be entered directly into the software, and forms the foundation for the analysis. Unknown consumption data, for example from tenants, can also be taken into account. Alasco provides valid data projections based on year of construction, the state of the building, energy supply and more.

The outcome

Alasco adds to OFFICEFIRST’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions in their buildings: Decarbonization measures are evaluated quickly and strategically based on the underlying data. Possible measures for increasing efficiency and reducing CO2 are analysed in Alasco and classified according to economic and ecological criteria.

With all ESG data gathered and analysed in one place, Alasco helps asset managers to make more secure decisions. While at the same time Alasco accelerates and secures the compilation of all requested information for stakeholder reportings.

About the company

OFFICEFIRST Real Estate GmbH is part of the US investment company Blackstone Group and acts as its exclusive asset management platform for office properties in Germany. Currently, the portfolio under management comprises just under 90 properties with a rental area of around 1.5 million square meters, primarily in the six most important German metropolitan regions. The company maintains 5 offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt a.M. and Munich with a total of around 90 employees.

“What I like most about Alasco are the data forecasts and projections. With that knowledge, optimisation measures can be implemented much faster.” -Sabrina Geiß, Analyse Portfolio Management - OFFICEFIRST Real Estate GmbH


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