What ESG Consultants use to speed up ESG due diligence projects

With Alasco, you can speed up ESG due diligence projects and easily build a preliminary renovation roadmap to support your clients.

Alasco is for you if…

You need hundreds of ESG DDs done over the course of the year

But you haven’t got enough resources to go out in the field, in multiple geographies to do all this work.

You can’t get the overview and clarity you want with spreadsheets

Spreadsheets seem simple but quickly spiral out of control. 

You don’t have weeks to get to a preliminary analysis.

Yet clients are always asking for shorter timeframes, often already within your sales conversations..

You need reliable ESG analyses, that your clients can trust.

With tenants who won’t easily report their consumption and the need to chase down property managers or facility managers, data accuracy is always lacking.


What you can do with Alasco


Get an ESG quick check for due diligence projects in 5 minutes

Eliminate emails, phone calls and messages hunting down building documents and collecting data from multiple tenants. Now, life feels easier with Alasco’s automated stranding point forecast based on just 5 data points.

You get to a good first understanding your ESG DD, and then drill-down to what matters.

Features at a glance:

  • Energy and CO₂ intensities
  • Stranding point assessment
  • Energy Efficiency Class assessment
  • CO₂ tax assessment

Fast renovations roadmaps

Give up on hours of work of suggesting and comparing optimisation measures for your assets. Now you can be top of your game because Alasco easily lists and ranks the best optimisation measures in terms of ROI. Get a fast evaluation of photovoltaic panels, heating system changes, building insulation and more!

Features at a glance:

  • Assumption based calculation of measures including investment cost and subsidies
  • Live simulation on ESG metrics
  • Financial KPIs on measure level including CO₂-tax, rent adjustment and payback period
  • Full flexibility with user-defined measures

Simple and elegant dashboards

Avoid errors and the hassle that comes with spreadsheets. Look professional to your customers with beautiful and real-time asset dashboards for your due diligence projects.

Features at a glance:

  • Automated and customised asset and portfolio reporting
  • GRESB reporting and EU Taxonomy check
  • Export as PDF and Excel file
  • Easily shareable with external users or end customers


Hear it from our customers

ESG consultants from leading companies use Alasco to manage hundreds of ESG due diligence projects every year.

"The software makes our ESG analysis of properties much easier and enables a high quality standard thanks to a valid database. The integration of benchmarks means that assets with an incomplete database can also be analysed.”

Torsten Hanuschik / Director & Authorised Signatory at Gleeds Germany

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