Taurecon: Stable Processes in Quarter Development with Alasco

Alasco optimises the project management of Taurecon through efficient process control and improved cost overview in the “Quartier Heidestraße”.

Berlin, Germany
Project Development and Project Management
10 - 50
focus area
Residential, Commercial, Hotel
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Project Management, Transparency, and Rapid Task Completion in Berlin's Large-scale Project

The challenge

Quartier Heidestraße, a large-scale project by Taurecon in Berlin, involves the construction of a new district covering an area of 85,000 square meters. It consists of seven buildings comprising around 1000 flats, as well as retail and gastronomy. The team faced the challenge of managing a complex project with various sub-projects, different financings, and extensive budget specifications.

The solution

Taurecon implemented Alasco to improve efficiency and clarity in project control. Alasco provides the project team and all stakeholders with a stable process for cost tracking and funds flow planning. This is essential for communication with banks and financiers. The platform allows various auditing bodies such as construction management, project control, and clients to be efficiently integrated into the planning and approval process. Thanks to Alasco’s user-friendly interface, all participants have access to relevant data and workflows in real-time.

The outcome

Using Alasco has brought Taurecon in Quartier Heidestraße significant time savings and increased efficiency. Alasco contributes to faster and more efficient invoice verification and payment processing, which is inextricably linked to smooth processes on the construction site. The intuitive usability and stable digital processes promote project progress within the planned time, cost, and quality framework.

“In each sub-project in the quarter, there are different requirements from the individual financiers. In the end, what's particularly important to me is the cost overview, especially in cost tracking, and the funds flow planning.” - Alin Fehrmann, Head of Controlling – Taurecon Real Estate Consulting

About Taurecon

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH is a Berlin-based project development company that realises innovative large-scale projects like the Quartier Heidestraße. With a focus on sustainable and efficient construction methods, Taurecon manages complex projects that create urban living spaces with modern architecture and diverse usage possibilities.


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