THOST: Invoice Management That’s Three Times Faster

Alasco’s clear structure, data overview, and documentation saves the team the chore of clicking back and forth between files and checking every item on an invoice.

Pforzheim, Germany
Project Manager
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With Alasco, THOST made the jump to digital project management in no time.

The challenge

“Our job as project managers is to let construction get done as planned. Sticking to the budget, being on time, and operating with a high level of quality” says project manager Torsten Hecht about his current 32,000-square-metre property expansion project. His colleague Jennifer Edel handles several dozen invoices a day. Her job as project assistant is to make sure that all the prices match, VAT has been done right, any discounts and retentions are included. Every invoice also needs to be filed in the right place, with its invoice run properly documented.

“We sometimes had up to 80 new invoices on busy days. The challenge for us was managing all those Excel files down to the last detail to stay up to speed with things and handle each invoice,” explains Edel. Each invoice required her to open up the respective file to compare the invoice details with the contract it was assigned to. Torsten Hecht recalls spending countless hours checking invoices in addition to what he had to get done at the construction site: “Every evening I had to sit myself down in front of the computer and take a look at and approve up to 50 invoices.” Administration delays became normal, even though the project team was working overtime. “We knew something had to change,” recalls the project manager.

The solution

“Things changed within a week. It was amazing,” recalls Edel, who remembers how in the past, introducing new software always required lots of time and technical expertise. This time however, she worked together with Alasco’s Customer Success Team, and was able to process 200 outstanding invoices in three weeks. Now she handles 30 to 40 new invoices every day. As the project assistant says, “It’s unbelievable how much time that saves me.” With Alasco, Torsten Hecht these days approves final invoices within 15 minutes that used to take up an hour of his time.

The outcome

Alasco’s clearly structured files, data overview, and documentation saves both colleagues the chore of clicking back and forth between files and checking every item on an invoice. “I know that the numbers and details are right. It’s a big relief,” says Jennifer Edel. Hecht likes the overview the software delivers to his project work. “I see everything that’s been paid. The software even warns me about overpayment. Invoices don’t get overlooked anymore.”

About the company

THOST is one of Germany’s leading project management companies. With more than 500 employees at 21 locations around the world, THOST Projektmanagement GmbH achieves even the most challenging projects for national and international industrial clients, and public and private investors.

“These days I approve the final invoice within 15 minutes. Before Alasco, I used to need an entire hour.” -Torsten Hecht, Project Manager


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