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Consulting, tailored onboarding, implementation, training, change management and integration support to launch and deploy Alasco Manage to Net-Zero platform.

A good start ensures a good outcome

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Onboarding & data migration

Getting started with Alasco means defining or improving your processes. We’ve helped hundreds of project developers and asset managers get to results quickly.

  • Set up project and cost structures
  • Define workflow procedures
  • Set-up real estate assets and portfolios
  • Migrate data from various systems
  • Quality check your setup and your data
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Execution excellence

Our team of experienced project developers and ESG consultants are here to help you accelerate change:

  • Consult on complex technical issues
  • Bring clarity to all team members so that adoption follows
  • Speed up the learning curve with Alascademy - an accessible, effective and entertaining way of learning
  • Best-In-Class Support. Our team consistently achieves a +90 NPS and an 80% resolution rate in under 12h
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Integrate with what matters

Project development - whether for new builds or retrofits - is more and more a data play. Our team is here to support you make data-driven decisions and integrate with your existing systems.

  • Perform needs assessment
  • Design the integration solution
  • Advise your technical team or outright Implementation services
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Hear it from our customers

Learn how real estate asset managers, owners and developers use our solutions to solve problems and save time.

“Our onboarding was super organised and structured according to a clear roadmap. The data import also worked very well from a technical point of view. We particularly appreciate the ongoing support, as we have dedicated contact persons even after the onboarding and project set-up.”

Sebastian Rolko / CEO at Schulbau GmbH Bergisch Gladbach

"Alasco is our central database for project development and we connect all areas of the company via the API integration."

Jannis Eißen / Director Operations at INCEPT

"For us, the main drivers were the projection data and visualisation of decarbonisation, in combination with the open API."

Lucas Falter / Chief Process Officer at Vision Group


We’ve put together some commonly asked questions

Do I get guidance when setting up Alasco?

Yes, our industry experts share best practices from setting up over 300 clients.

Where are the support issues handled?

We offer high class support in German or English, through our product support colleagues based out of Munich.

Does Alasco integrate with my ERP system?

Yes, Alasco uses an open REST API. You can easily connect other software by building an integration on request or send data via API.

I want to start fast. Do I need to wait for my Alasco expert?

Alasco is easy to use, so you can start on your own if you’re in a hurry. We provide lots of information on project management and how to actually use Alasco online in our Help Centre. Our experts give you advice and help improve your processes along the way.

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