We help you decarbonise your real estate assets and increase the value of your portfolio

A future-ready portfolio is a sustainable one


Since its foundation in 2018, Alasco has transformed the day-to-day project work of more than 300 companies, including GARBE, Hines and INCEPT. Over 100 employees bring our mission to life every day.

From digitalisation to decarbonisation

Alasco’s journey started with the idea of empowering individuals and improving processes through digitalisation. As a team, we follow our mission to bring the real estate industry up to par with leading digital sectors.

Our cloud-based software helps real estate asset managers and property developers to manage the entire lifecycle of their assets on their path to decarbonisation.

Manage to Net-Zero

Alasco is the sustainability and ESG management platform for real estate asset managers and project developers, who want to evaluate, identify and implement the most profitable sustainability measures for their entire portfolios.

By analyzing decarbonsation measures considering ESG and economical criteria they eventually increase the value of their portfolio. As now, only an environmentally sustainable portfolio is a profitable one.

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Each of our values is aligned with what will guide us to achieve our mission: Align sustainability with profitability.


We believe that everyone at Alasco is fully motivated to do their best job with the information and skills available to them. Transparency, trust and sharing of information are the default. When we ask for help or feedback we can rely on getting it.

We handle sensitive data of our customers or colleagues with confidentiality and integrity. We hand over responsibility to employees and colleagues and share with them the joy of their success.


Ambition means for us the desire to turn Real Estate to a positive force for the environment. We have a constant urge to develop ourselves and to reach our full potential. We always start with asking “why” and how we can measure our success.

We set ourselves high goals and try to find new and unusual ways to achieve them. Along the way we take risks, make mistakes and learn from them. We achieve our goals together, push each other to become better and give open and direct feedback.


We value all disciplines, backgrounds, skills and strengths. We know that we need all this to generate the greatest possible value for our customers. We have a high degree of appreciation for what our customers create and know what we can contribute with our strengths.

Many parties are necessary to make a company grow. We never blame others, but try to learn from mistakes. We are open for other opinions, suggestions and experiments and let the result decide. We celebrate success and stand together in the event of failure.


In racing, they say your car goes where your eyes go. We see the chances and opportunities in everything we do. We approach everything with a positive “can do” attitude.

We know that almost all our worries and problems will never happen.We first see the good in people and assume that they are always motivated and give their best. This way of thinking helps us in going forward and having a lot of joy on the way.


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