What Asset Managers use for ESG reportings, renovation roadmaps and CAPEX investments

Generate ESG reporting, efficient renovation roadmaps and manage CAPEX investments easily. Alasco helps you with all that and more.

Alasco is for you if…

You need to perform tens of CRREM analyses

But outsourcing these takes months and comes with huge costs.

You need real-time, accurate reporting for your investors

But you have no single source of truth over data, no centralisation and no standardisation. Each report is a gargantuan task.

It’s difficult to build your CAPEX budget. And to know where you can make the most impact.

Tens of business plans and tens of optimisations measures for each property make budget planning quite complex.

It’s even more difficult to stay on top of all your CAPEX projects.

Several portfolios, several projects at the same time, handling all these with spreadsheets, emails and status calls is just impossible.


What you can do with Alasco


Fast and compliant ESG reporting to your investors

Eliminate spreadsheets and manual work to collect data for your ESG compliance reporting.

With Alasco, data collection, CRREM analyses, EU Taxonomy and other types of reporting are fast and efficient. So that you can focus on managing your assets rather than building reports.

Features at a glance:

  • CRREM path analysis
  • EU Taxonomy
  • GRESB reporting
  • Automated and customised asset and portfolio reporting

Single source of truth for your entire property portfolio 

Forget hunting down asset data in many business plans and still never having a solid view over them. With Alasco, you can build a single source of truth for all your properties and share that with your investors at any time. 

Features at a glance:

  • Energy and CO₂ intensities
  • Stranding point assessment
  • Energy Efficiency Class assessment
  • CO₂ tax assessment

Develop cost-efficient renovation roadmaps 

Don’t wait for weeks to develop one renovation plan for one property, to attract investments. 

Alasco generates optimisation measures with cost-benefit analysis and subsidies included. 

Whether you choose photovoltaic panels, heat pumps or improved building insulation, you get a clear view on what ESG performance improvements to expect, how much it would cost and if there are any subsidies available.

So that you know how to best allocate your CAPEX budget.

Features at a glance:

  • Assumption based calculation of measures
  • Live simulation on ESG metrics
  • Financial KPIs and payback period on measure level
  • Full flexibility with user-defined measures

Develop your CAPEX budget with ease

By using Alasco’s ESG Optimiser capability, you get fast recommendations for retrofits, with cost-benefit analysis on every single measure - be it: photovoltaic panels, heating system changes, building insulation and more!

Features at a glance:

  • ESG optimisation measures
  • Updated costs for each measure
  • Simulated improvements in CO2 and energy performance
  • Simulated stranding point projections
  • Subsidies available for each measure
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Track, adjust and report on your CAPEX execution projects

Stop wondering what’s the status of your projects and if invoices are accurate. Alasco’s CAPEX management module helps you track in real-time the status of the execution, approve or adjust invoices and finally report on your finances every month. So that you get better financial control and governance.

Features at a glance:

  • Real-time project status with budget, actuals and forecasts
  • Invoice approval workflows and change management
  • Easy task management to collaborate with Facility Managers or Property Managers


Hear it from our customers

Asset managers from leading companies use Alasco to ESG reporting, renovation roadmaps and for managing CAPEX investments

"For us, the main drivers were the projection data and visualisation of decarbonisation, in combination with the open API. [...] I create an asset in Alasco in 2 minutes and get a calculation with 95% accuracy.”

Lucas Falter / Chief Process Officer at Vision Group
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