GARBE: Tracking costs and deadlines of real estate projects

Alasco accelerates and simplifies project administration at GARBE Immobilien-Projekte by enabling real-time data access and efficient processes across different locations.

Hamburg, Deutschland
Project Development
50 - 100
focus area
Residential, Office, Commercial
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Optimised Cost Control and Project Management

The challenge

GARBE Immobilien-Projekte, a nationwide operating project developer and asset manager focusing on residential and office properties, faced the challenge of providing its 65 employees at two locations with uniform data access. The goal was to have a central, real-time updated database to ensure consistent cost statuses and work efficiently digitally.

The solution

GARBE chose Alasco as a cloud solution to address the challenges in cost and schedule control. Alasco enabled all employees, regardless of location, to access the same information. The system replaced error-prone and complex cost monitoring in Excel with a central, intuitive, and reliable platform.

The outcome

With Alasco, GARBE significantly accelerated its processes, thereby greatly enhancing efficiency – the team benefits from 70 to 80 percent faster task processing. The real-time overview of budgets, order volumes, and approval statuses improves the transparency and reliability of data. The intuitive user interface and secure data management significantly facilitate the work of the project teams.

"It’s absolutely essential to keep track of costs and deadlines for each project. Alasco supports us to be successful in that area.” - Fabian von Koeppen, Managing Director – GARBE Immobilien-Projekte


GARBE Immobilien-Projekte is a project developer and asset manager, specialising in residential and office properties throughout Germany. With 65 employees at locations in Hamburg and Cologne, the company relies on digital solutions like Alasco to maximise efficiency and data reliability in property management.


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