Minimise risk. Maximise profits. For large and complex real estate projects.

See how our Financial Controlling solution for construction makes it easier to plan, build and track your budget while collaborating with all the parties involved. One single source of truth.

Project managers from some of the largest project developers use Alasco to manage twice as many projects

What sets us apart

Collaboration and communication for all project parties

One central database with budgets, costs and revenues. Invite all your project parties to collaborate in one place.

Easy financial controlling

You always know where your projects stand and how your costs, revenues, and financing are doing. No more hunting down data in spreadsheets.

Real-time, reliable data, forecasts, and benchmarks

Get a real-time overview of budgets, contracts, approvals, payment statuses and progress reports.

Manage your financing contracts

Manage your equity, debt, or mezzanine contracts and control payouts as well as resulting financing costs.

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What you can do with Alasco

Budget accurately

Build your budget and track it in real-time. Keep it synced with your accounting system.

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Control spend and invoices

Stay on top of your project: track contracts, spend per contract, invoices and change orders, as well as cash outflow.

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Manage revenue

Track unit sales for residential projects, outright sales for commercial projects and rents. With all revenue streams covered, you can track the project cash flow and course correct fast.

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Cash flow forecast

With real time cash flow and forecasts, you never have surprises and are able to make faster decisions.

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Build benchmarks

Build your own benchmarks and KPIs to improve your processes and increase margins.

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Hear it from our customers

Large project developers use Alasco Financial Controlling solution to manage their budget and stay in control of the projects' cashflow.

"We can always see where each process is at any time, and that's what makes Alasco so strong. You always know where your project stands, where your costs are." - Virom Subash, Head of Construction & Project Management –

Virom Subash / Head of Construction & Project Management at Kintyre
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Financial controlling is not supposed to be guess-work. Real-time financial controlling tools at your fingertips.

Project & Multi-project dashboards

All your project or multi-project financials at a glance.


Create, allocate and manage project budgets.

Contract management

Manage vendors and contracts in one place.

Cost controlling

Oversee costs with forecasts in real time.

Invoice management

Track and approve invoices based on customisable workflows.

Change orders

Track and approve change orders with customisable flows.

Rent, and unit or outright sales

Create payment plans and payment requests. Track cash inflows.

KPIs & benchmarks

Create your own KPIs and benchmark your efficiency.


Some of the largest projects run on Alasco

Complex new developments and retrofit projects are managed on Alasco.

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