Financial Controlling pricing

Only pay for what you use. Not by user, not by project

What makes us different from other Financial Controlling solutions?

With Alasco, you only pay for what you use.

You only pay for invoice volume checked, not by user and not by project.

Get maximum flexibility on how you want to allocate the invoice volume across several projects.

Invite and collaborate with as many users as you need.

We have a plan for every team who manages a couple of projects up to hundreds of projects


Digital cost management for small teams with few projects.

5 million invoice-volume/year included

Essential includes:

Budget and order management

Digital invoice capture and recognition

Workflow for invoice verification

Cost monitoring and forecasting

Individual cost allocations

E-mail support and help centre

Talk to sales


Digital financial controlling for growing teams with multiple projects.

10 million invoice-volume/year included

All Essential features and additionally:

Automatic cash flow planning

Workflows for orders and change orders

Multi-project controlling

Revenue controlling (global sales & Global sales and rents)

Chat support with callback function

Talk to sales


Digital financial controlling for strong teams with numerous projects.

20 million invoice-volume/year included

All Advanced features and additionally:


Configurable project dashboards

Efficiency analysis for workflows

Log-in with SSO / MFA

Public API Access optional

Support via telephone and video call

Talk to sales
Revenue management: Individual sales
DATEV integration
Log-in with MFA and SSO
Additional invoice volume
Public API


Not quite ready to get into the numbers? Check out some frequently asked questions

What determines my price?

The price is dependent on three major components:

  • The functionality and service level included (reflected by package and add-ons)
  • The volume of invoices approved
  • The contract and payment terms
Which package should I choose?

Our three packages are designed for different company sizes and levels of complexity of projects. Essential is for small teams with just a couple of projects, Advanced is for growing businesses with several projects and Pro is for large companies with many construction projects.

Do I have to pay for every user?

No, our pricing contains an unlimited number of users because we are aware you need to ensure transparency with lots of stakeholders. The more users you add, the better the quality of the process.

Do I have to pay for every project?

No, our pricing contains an unlimited number of projects because we are aware projects may start at any time, put in pending or stopped so we want to give you maximum flexibility in how you allocate the volume of invoices processed.

Do I have to pay for my data storage?

No, our pricing is not based on data storage volume and you don’t have to pay additionally for it.

What are the add-ons? How do they work?

We have several add-ons that can be added on top of your chosen package suiting the individual needs of your business:

  • Additional volume
  • Revenue management for project developers that do outright sales or individual sales
  • DATEV integration
  • Log in with SSO & MFA
  • Public API access
What advantage do I get if I book more volume in advance?

All plans already include a certain volume of invoices but you might already know from the start that you need more volume. If you book additional volume when you sign the contract, you will receive a significant price advantage compared to the subsequent additional payments.

How can Alasco ensure a quick onboarding to the software?

To get you started with our software we offer paid professional services such as an initial onboarding with our product experts and data migration of your running projects. The data migration is paid per project.

How can I estimate the volume of approved invoices?

You probably have a cash outflow planning to manage your equity capital/debt capital in the future and we can use this as a starting point. If you struggle with forecasting your volume, our product specialists can support you with our forecast calculator.

What are my contract and payment terms options?

Alasco offers 12 or 24 months subscriptions. The fees can be paid monthly or annually either via invoice or through SEPA direct debit mandate. If you’d like to benefit from lower rates, our team will partner with you on an annual billing.

What happens if I need more volume during the contract term?

If you use more volume than initially planned, we will charge a previously contractually defined overage fee. But no worries, we’ll inform you in advance.If you already know how much more invoice volume you will need, then you can proactively contact our customer success team to benefit from special rates.

What happens if I consume less volume than planned for the contract term?

If you extend your contract with at least the same contract value, you can carry over unused volume to the next period and use it flexibly in the following year.

Can I upgrade my package or purchase add-ons ?

Yes. Packages can be upgraded and new add-ons purchased during the contract term . If you want to do so, please contact our customer success team.

Can I downgrade my package or remove purchased add-ons ?

At the time of contract renewal, you can choose a lower package or deselect individual add-ons, provided you inform us before the end of the notice period.

What happens at the end of the contract term?

If we have not received timely termination of your contract from you, it will be extended for a further year in the package originally booked, including any add-ons and additional volume.

What if I have more questions?

Get in touch with one of our product specialists, they are happy to guide you through the process.

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