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What sets Alasco ESG Management apart

Automatic data collection and projections where data is missing

Utility data collection is the linchpin of good ESG management. And difficult to come by. Alasco provides smart metre APIs. It also extracts data from your utility bills using AI.

Accurate projections where real data is missing

APls for smart metres

Import of existing consumption data via Public API

Automated data extraction from pdf invoices using Al/OCR

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Powerful strandings point analysis with 5 data point

Getting initial building data often means going into the building. With hundreds of projects across countries, this is an expensive and lengthy task. Alasco uses projections based on smart algorithms. It can create a CRREM path stranding point analysis from just 5 data points.


Type of use

Construction year

Gross external area (GEA)

Data on existing HVAC (heating, electricity, A/C)

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Automatic measures suggestions

Figuring out what you need to do in a building to optimise it is a tiresome process. That’s why we developed an AI-powered method to automatically suggest improvement measures based on the building data.

Photovoltaic panels

Building insulation


Renewable electricity

Hydraulic balancing

And many more other options

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Get the ROI of ESG measures

Build Green CapEx budgets easily. Alasco combines costs, subsidies, rent adjustments and environmental impact KPIs. And it helps you rank optimisation measures by their ESG impact and financial impact.

Environmental KPIs: CO2 intensity, energy intensity, stranding point, costs/tCO2

Financial KPIs: investment costs, subsidies, energy costs, CO2 tax, rent adjustments, payback period

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CapEx Management and ESG execution

Alasco is the only solution on the market for CapEx Management, including Green CapEx. Alasco helps asset managers and sustainability managers to build and track the execution of their budget.

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Asset managers from leading companies use Alasco to ESG reporting, renovation roadmaps and for managing CAPEX investments

"For us, the main drivers were the projection data and visualisation of decarbonisation, in combination with the open API. [...] I create an asset in Alasco in 2 minutes and get a calculation with 95% accuracy.”

Lucas Falter / Chief Process Officer at Vision Group
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ESG is not just reporting. ESG is action and value for your portfolio

ESG management features at your fingertips.

Smart metres API integration

Extract your utilities data automatically from your smart metering system.

AI-OCR utility bill data ingestion

Do you get paper or pdf utility bills? Alasco automatically extracts data so that you don’t have to put in manual work.

CRREM analysis for EU countries

With just 5 data points, you get a high-accuracy CRREM path analysis for your European portfolio.

Energy & CO2 intensity analysis

The same 5 data points powered by proprietary algorithms, give you a solid quick-check without actually adding actual utility data.

ESG optimisation measures

We automatically suggest the best measures for your building covering heating and electricity system upgrades, building insulation, custom measure and many more.

ESG optimisation scenarios

Add measures to your assets and save them as scenarios so that you can compare the best investment options.

ESG impact of measures

Measure the ESG and the financial impact of your simulated measures, building the optimisation roadmap based on ROI.

Property and portfolio dashboards

Single source of truth for your property or portfolios easily shareable with all your stakeholders.

ROI calculations for ESG measures

Alasco combines costs, subsidies, rent adjustments and environmental impact KPIs, ranking optimisation measures by their ESG and financial impact.


National and federal subsidies available for eligible optimisation measures.

Advanced regulatory and custom reporting

Alasco complies with GRESB and ECORE frameworks and provides EU taxonomy, SFRD and CSRD reporting.

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