Kintyre: Successful Urban Regeneration with Digital Financial Controlling

With Alasco, Kintyre enters a new era of project control, simplifies cost management, and offers real-time transparency for investors.

Frankfurt (Main), Germany
Project Development and Asset Management
50 - 100
focus area
Office, Commercial, and Mixed Use
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Improved Efficiency, Transparency, and Rapid Invoice Processing

The challenge

Kintyre, a full-service provider in real estate management, undertook project development independently in 2017. The "Märkischen Quartier" project has a total project volume of 500 million euros. Kintyre faced the challenge of efficiently managing the cost structure and project progress while integrating the concept of sustainability into urban regeneration.

The solution

Kintyre chose Alasco to overcome challenges in cost management and to manage projects more efficiently. Alasco offered the opportunity to integrate various stakeholders involved in the project and to provide investors with real-time insight into the project status. The platform improved invoice tracking and processing and reduced errors compared to traditional Excel spreadsheets.

The outcome

Since the introduction of Alasco, Kintyre benefits from transparent cost management and real-time project overview. Invoice processing in the project was quicker and more efficient. Alasco can be customized to the specific requirements of the project and the company due to its individual modification capabilities. Overall, digital project management led to more efficient workflows and quicker problem-solving. The transparency and simplicity of the system ensured wide acceptance in the company.

""We can always see where each process is at any time, and that's what makes Alasco so strong. You always know where your project stands, where your costs are." - Virom Subash, Head of Construction & Project Management – Kintyre

About Kintyre

Kintyre is a full-service real estate manager with a focus on digitalization and innovation. The team consists of over 50 real estate professionals and specialists who possess both excellent local knowledge of the German market and a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements of professional investors.


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