Vision: Digital ESG Management of the Entire Portfolio

Alasco enhances efficiency and precision in ESG management and property administration for the Vision Group - for better oversight and sustainable investment strategies.

Mannheim, Germany
Asset Management
10 - 50
focus area
Residential, Office, Commercial
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Through the use of Alasco, Vision Group achieves precise data analysis and sustainable property management.

The challenge

Vision Group focuses is on the sale of concept properties as capital investments for end customers. Vision operates, among others, in cooperation with its joint venture partner KKR to acquire larger portfolios. In early 2022, the company began an intensive engagement with ESG topics to develop all properties in terms of Core Plus and Core ESG-ready.

The solution

The introduction and transfer of all assets into Alasco enables a quick and clear overview of the ESG compliance of the properties. The system allows for accurate and reliable projections and visualizations for the decarbonization of the properties. This was particularly important for communication with international investors who demanded high data quality and accuracy. Alasco also simplifies the compilation of consumption data and emissions for properties, which previously required significant effort from several individuals.

The outcome

The process quality, sustainability management, and data quality were significantly enhanced. For the company, this meant not only a simplification of internal processes but also a competitive advantage. The ability to accurately measure and control decarbonization was a key added value, both for the company itself and for its clients.

"The main drivers for us were the projection data and visualization of decarbonization, in conjunction with the open interface. […] I can create an object in Alasco in 2 minutes and get a calculation with 95% accuracy." - Lucas Falter, Chief Process Officer – Vision Group

About Vision

The Vision Group is an asset manager focused on the acquisition, partition, and sale of multi-family homes in Germany. It strives for efficient portfolio management and optimised sale of concept properties as capital investments. Special emphasis is placed on sustainable development and ESG criteria, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions in the building sector. By using new technologies like Alasco, it improves processes and offers sustainable, future-proof assets.


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