KVL: Workflows and Automations for Reliable Project Management

Alasco promotes efficiency, transparency, and coordination in the management of residential and commercial properties for the Berlin project manager.

Berlin, Germany
Projekt Management
50 - 100
focus area
Residential, Commercial, Hotel
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Berlin Property Developer Opts for Alasco for Revolutionised Process Control and Sustainable Project Success.

The challenge

KVL Bauconsult, part of the KVL Group, faces the challenge of mastering the diverse and individual requirements of various construction projects. The company offers three core services: project control and management, technical real estate consulting, and expert appraisal services. A central task in almost all projects is cost controlling and monitoring, ranging from budgeting, through tendering and awarding contracts, to performance assessment. These processes require precise and reliable handling to gain the trust of clients and other participants, such as banks.

The solution

The KVL Group has chosen Alasco to meet these challenges. Alasco, as a cost tool, offers structured, reliable, and transparent processes that are a significant advantage for the workflow and operations of the company. The application of Alasco enables the company to make statements to project participants that are substantiated and convincing. In contrast to the flexible but often unstructured possibilities of Excel, Alasco provides clear structures and ensures that data can be stored and retrieved where it is needed.

The outcome

The introduction of Alasco into the processes of the KVL Group led to increased security and efficiency in project control. By using the system, the company can improve the satisfaction and goal attainment of its clients. Alasco ensures that all participants, from the builder to the project manager, always have a clear overview of the current status and upcoming tasks. This not only improves internal organisation and communication but also strengthens trust and credibility with customers and partners.

"Only when we do it better, then we do it sensibly different. That's why we increasingly use Alasco in projects as an important cost tool. Because it actually represents an advantage for our workflow and our processes.“ - Sven Seehawer, Managing Director – KVL Group

About KVL

KVL Bauconsult, a company of the KVL Group, offers comprehensive services in the construction and real estate industry. Its portfolio includes project control, technical real estate consulting, and expert appraisal services. With a focus on efficient project management methods and modern tools like Alasco, KVL specialises in optimising construction projects and real estate valuations. It oversees construction projects from planning to completion.


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