Incept: Comprehensive Real Estate Development in One Platform

Alasco enables Incept to efficiently manage projects and achieve sustainability goals through improved data management and process transparency.

Berlin, Germany
Project Development
50 - 100
focus area
Residential and Commercial
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A New Level of Efficiency and Transparency in Project Development

The challenge

Incept, a developer of residential and commercial properties in Berlin, faced the challenge of effectively advancing projects while precisely managing financial aspects. With the Kokoni project, the developer establishes a new standard in sustainable construction methods, including timber construction and photovoltaic systems. Ensuring profitability and sustainability while keeping an eye on overall economic viability for this project are the goals of the Berlin-based company.

The solution

Incept relies on Alasco to tackle challenges in data management, processes, and standardisation. The platform provides all necessary functionalities for comprehensive control over costs and revenues, coordination of trades, and systematic processes.

The outcome

The team benefits from significantly increased transparency throughout the entire project development process. Alasco enhances the transparency and synchronisation of processes, which was not possible with traditional controlling and Excel solutions. In Alasco, changes are easily traceable. The platform thereby ensures security, completeness, and easy manageability of all financial data.

"With Alasco, it's just that I have all the relevant functionalities for this specific aspect of real estate development in one platform, and of course, that's a tremendous quantum leap compared to a controlling and Excel solution." - Jannis Eißen, Director Operations – Incept


Incept is an innovative real estate developer from Berlin, focusing on creating livable spaces with a strong commitment to sustainability. Through projects like Kokoni, which utilise innovative, environmentally friendly construction methods, Incept sets new standards in the real estate industry and promotes expansion across Germany.


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