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Real estate owners face great challenges on their path to decarbonisation

Regulation, capital market and tenants pressure

Regulators, investors and customers are asking you to take action on the decarbonisation path. Yet, asset management never had to factor in the cost of climate impact.

Uncertainty on the future asset value

Accounting for this impact on the asset value is hard. But there the costs of carbon are already impacting your balance sheet, so you need to act now.

Lack of tools, data and processes

It’s hard to start on the decarbonisation path and manage it in an efficient way that delivers positive results on your portfolio fast.

Forward thinking asset managers need new knowledge, data and processes to manage the retrofit projects to increase their asset value.


Alasco is the only unified platform purpose-built to help real estate asset managers analyse, plan, build and report on their sustainability initiatives.

ESG consulting

Get a head start on your sustainability strategy

ESG regulation or local regulations are difficult to untangle. Yet, you need to build your sustainability strategy.

Use Alasco to get easy access to experienced consultants who help you get started.

This includes general ESG consulting but also solid recommendations for specialized consultants such as energy optimization professionals.

ESG analysis

Accurate sustainability risk assessment on your entire portfolio

It takes weeks to get accurate asset data by employing technical due-diligence, per asset.

If you have hundreds of assets, having an up to date look over your entire portfolio to manage decisions, can take years. And you’ll never be quite done.

With the Alasco database at hand, you get 80% of data in a matter of minutes. And a list of improvement recommendations to choose from, based on minimal asset characteristics. So you can make investment decisions that you can trust.

Decision making

Investment decisions backed by data

Managing decision investments across hundreds of assets is tedious. Just asking for retrofit cost evaluations takes months to accomplish.

Alasco’s ESG optimiser functionality helps you figure out where it’s smarter to invest and prioritise across your entire portfolio in a matter of days.


Financial controlling for your retrofit projects

Whether you plan your investment budget - CAPEX - on a yearly basis or a per-asset basis, the financial control of improvement projects is a new skill you have to master.

Honed on over 300 project developers and thousands of projects executed, Alasco frees you from managing multi-million budgets in spreadsheets.

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