Rosa-Alscher Group: The Future of Cost Control

Alasco combines Rosa-Alscher’s accounting workflow with cost controlling and gives them a leg up in their project development of urban districts.

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How the Rosa-Alscher Group gets the most out of Alasco’s digital cost management software

The challenge

Every day, Gudrun Piesczek talks to future tenants, construction companies, and investors. “It’s a giant piece of organisational work. It’s what you juggle every day when you head a project.” She’s the project director of a construction site in the north of Munich, Germany that upon completion will see 40,000 square metres of new commercial property. As project developer, the Rosa-Alscher Group is continually working to achieve the right balance of time, costs, and quality while creating aesthetically remarkable buildings that are also functional and profitable.

“If I’m going to vouch for a project, then I need to know what all the costs are,” says Gudrun Piesczek. Andreas Weiß, head of finance and controlling, knows full well the challenges that come with project development finance management. Banks and investors want complete disclosure about budgets and actual costs. “Absolute transparency and reliability are a must for me as head of finance. So the key numbers in the sheets need to be on the mark and up to date.” 

The solution

Excel was in the past the go-to cost management instrument at the Rosa-Alscher Group. Everyone working on a project generated spreadsheets for invoices, claims, etc. Bill runs for the most part were done by hand. This of course created accounting that was susceptible to errors, which in turn led to reports being wrong, and bad decisions in the worst case. Andreas Weiß began to see that the future of cost management would lie in a new digital solution. They found Alasco to achieve exactly this: transparent cost control and easy-to-understand invoice runs.

The outcome

The Rosa-Alscher Group now uses Alasco as its digital finance management solution for Gudrun Piesczek’s project. “Alasco combines my accounting workflow with cost controlling. It really gives us a leg up,” says Andreas Weiß. No extra paperwork, and Weiß is a fan of the cloud-based software’s simple structure and easy-to-understand use. Piesczek was thrilled with the new direction taken with Alasco: “The software basically explains itself. I like it a lot.” Its intuitive use and clear formats for the accounting workflow are for her a definite plus. The Rosa-Alscher Group and Alasco are already planning future projects together, with Weiß mentioning their ongoing dialogue to customise and refine the software, making it perform even better to meet upcoming project challenges.

About the company

The Rosa-Alscher Group has been achieving remarkable, definitive urban architecture in Munich, Germany for decades. Top-quality construction creates sophisticated, functional, and profitable real estate projects and investments. From the project outline to fully-detailed designs, the Rosa-Alscher Group works closely with SAM Architekten and SAM Plantech to continually reach new heights of architectural precision. Development is the second key pillar of the Rosa-Alscher Group, as their minds and hearts guide projects from property acquisition to the finished product of sustainable, profitable real estate. Achieving visions – That’s what Dr. Alexander Rosa-Alscher does with his group, joining their planning synergies into one to accompany real estate projects from start to finish, and create unforgettable urban architecture.

“Alasco combines my accounting workflow with cost controlling. It really gives us a leg up.” -Andreas Weiß, Head of Finance and Controlling


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