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The Cost Controlling Standards for Real Estate Projects in 2021: Automated Cost Monitoring and Live Forecasting

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There is more behind cost controlling than just a spreadsheet. Structured financial data enables quicker and comprehensible outlining of project processes as well as serve as a source of all important project information. Project teams use cost monitoring not only as a tool to keep control over finances, liquidity, revenues and make important decisions but also for reporting to external stakeholders such as project investors; drawing on the information contained in the data.

Make Decision Faster and Safely Based on Reliable Data

Leveraging on the importance of financial data in construction project management, Alasco combines invoice workflow with real-time controlling. Financial information from invoices, budget changes or addenda is automatically structured for order-related cost overview and forecasting. The digital capture and processing of all data and documents in one system enables continuity, transparency and up to date data collection. This creates data with added value: time-consuming manual tasks such as manual checking and calculation of data are no longer necessary. Project managers can now make decisions even faster and more reliably.

“Alasco combines my accounting workflow with cost controlling, which is an invaluable advantage for me”.
Andreas Weiß, Head of Finance and Controlling @Rosa-Alscher Group

Automated, Transparent and in Real Time: No More Manual Cost Calculations

Maximum security with maximum flexibility: Digitise your existing manual processes and working methods with Alasco. Alasco offers you a wide range of customisation options, so that based on your existing project structure, everyone involved can carry out their tasks more efficiently. Intelligent automation and data processing in Alasco increases data security and improves task management in your projects.

With our latest updates to the cost monitoring table, customised display of forecasting and cash flow planning, Alasco is setting the standard for the future of cost controlling. These elements are crucial for your project success in 2021:

  • Cost Monitoring Table: Can a tabular view influence your work? When it comes to mapping your financial data, it certainly can! The tabular display of cost controlling elements in Alasco has become clearer and offers options for personalised views of the project data. Simply decide for yourself which columns you want to see, their order of display and save this view for later use. All your project data, including budgets, upcoming and paid costs, retentions, addenda and realised cash discounts are automatically displayed in the table.
  • Customisable Live Forecasts: You are in the driver’s seat: simply decide for yourself which data you want to include in forecasts, and Alasco will automatically create forecasts based on the real-time data for you. After all, who knows better than you which information is currently essential for your project and which is irrelevant at a certain stage?
  • The Easiest Way to Plan and Track Your Cash Outflows: Now with a single click you can distribute planned expenditures or manually adjust your monthly costs. Your future cash outflow is clearly mapped and is directly linked to your budget and cost structure.
  • Create and Export Reports With a Single Click: You can export your customised data from Alasco into usable PDF and Excel formats.

Directly Compare the Cost Controlling Standards of Today