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ZIEGERT: "KOKONI ONE" - Thinking about real estate development in a new and sustainable way

Berlin, Deutschland
2018 - 2025
Surface area
Plot area: approx. 22,500 sqm Living space: approx. 12,000 sqm

How will we live in the future? The project developer INCEPT, part of the ZIEGERT Group, realises a sustainable neighborhood in the northeast of Berlin to showcase a new way of living. The project "KOKONI ONE" is being developed on a 22,500 square meter site, comprising 84 semi-detached and terraced houses that combine ecological and social sustainability.

With KOKONI ONE the company is establishing new standards for real estate development in a new and sustainable way. The neighbourhood includes a carbon-neutral energy supply and the use of CO2-positive materials. Alasco is used for financial controlling in this flagship project to ensure overall economic efficiency. Centralised data management and automated, standardised processes allow for comprehensive control and transparency over costs and revenues.

A Sustainable Neighborhood with an Interactive Community Concept

The project is driven by balancing quality of life and healthy coexistence with climate and environmental protection. Surrounding an orchard, the openly designed residential buildings, a community center suitable for events, a workout area, extensive green spaces, and playgrounds invite residents to engage in communal activities. The community concept continues with the energy supply: the neighbourhood is free from fossil fuels, relying on a combination of photovoltaics and geothermal energy available to all residents. Instead of individual storage systems for electricity and heating in each house, there is a central energy hub supplying all 84 houses, increasing efficiency and saving costs and space in the homes.

Natural materials are used for the construction of the houses. The main building material is wood from sustainable European forestry combined with natural insulation materials, allowing for a positive CO2 balance sheet in construction and a nature-connected living experience. The buildings are designed to naturally create a comfortable indoor climate without the need for complex climate technology. The location in Französisch-Buchholz offers tranquility and proximity to nature, with a growing infrastructure and excellent public connection to the city of Berlin.

Future-Oriented Project Development with Digital Financial Management

As forward-thinking as the construction concept is the use of state-of-the-art tools like Alasco. Digital financial management with Alasco provides the team with significantly increased transparency throughout the project development process, including process automation, centralized data management, holistic task management, and recording of change history.


As an integrated real estate company, the ZIEGERT Group works with independent companies that holistically map all stages of the value chain in the real estate industry from the perspectives of all players: From the purchase of land and real estate development to financing, marketing and management, the companies realize the visions, demands and needs of investors, developers, business partners, sellers and buyers.

About Incept

Through their INCEPT subsidiary, ZIEGERT develops attractive real estate projects in Berlin, Leipzig and other cities. Our focus is on target group-oriented, eco-sustainable and energy-efficient construction. The range of INCEPT services covers the entire value chain, from acquisition, financing and conception of project developments, to realization, portfolio maintenance and marketing. A powerful network of construction companies, planning and architectural offices, banks and investors ensures a target-oriented and fast project implementation.