Switch to the Financial Controlling solution from Alasco at no extra cost

Financial controlling is not supposed to be a guess-work. You need to trust in your data, and collaborate easily with other parties.

Alasco gives you cost and revenue data that you can trust. So that you can stop guessing and start doing the job you love.

See why Alasco

What makes us different from other Financial Controlling solutions?

Every revenue stream covered: outright sales, individual sales and rents.

Invite every stakeholder to the platform to collaborate on documents and workflows.

Super fast and free support.

Excellent onboarding and data migration services.

Always real-time data, running in the cloud.

APIs and technical integration support.

Asset managers, ESG managers and project managers from leading companies use Alasco

Why Project Developers and Controllers are switching to Alasco

You cannot collaborate with external stakeholders

So you need to wait for weeks to get invoices and change orders approved and put up with endless email threads.

Alasco is not paid by seat, so you can bring all your partners to work together on the same workflows. And save up to 10h/employee per week.

You don’t really know if you’ve got the latest cost data

Always guessing if you’re looking at the latest figures?

With Alasco you can stop guessing and start acting. Alasco runs in the cloud and always offers you a real-time view over all your project finances.

Missing revenue streams

Tired of piecing together multiple spreadsheets and multiple tools to bring together all your costs and revenues?

Not anymore. With Alasco you get all the costs and revenue streams - individual sales, outright sales and rents in one single picture.

Complex product interface and expensive support

Dreading another day with your current financial controlling tool and with patchy support?

Not anymore. Alasco is the Financial Controlling solution that actually is fun to work with - no hidden costs, nice interface, fast onboarding and free support.


Hear it from our customers

Learn how Project Developers and Controllers are switching to Alasco to solve problems and save time.

"We can always see where each process is at any given time, and that's what makes Alasco so strong. We always know where our project stands and where our costs are.”

Virom Subash / Head of Construction & Project Management

"We wanted to give all employees access to one database, no matter where they are. So that we are no longer talking about different cost levels for different data, but everything is available in real time.”

Fabian von Köppen / CEO

"Alasco is our central database for project development and we connect all areas of the company via API integration.”

Jannis Eißen / Operations Director


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Stop guessworking your financials!

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