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Alasco raises $40 Million in Series-B funding to revolutionize the real estate industry with Real Estate Success Software

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The funding and the added know-how of the new investors allow  Alasco to expand its core functionalities and the further development of the product.

In the following statement, Sebastian Schuon, Co-Founder and CEO of Alasco, explains the next steps after the investment round in the following video:

Long-term project success with Real Estate Success Software

The future success of real estate no longer depends solely on financial metrics but also on ESG performance. Over the last year, Alasco was able to set a solid foundation for the further development of the real estate success software by including all relevant data for successful decision-making. To guarantee companies project success in the future, Alasco reinvests the funding into the further development of Alasco’s Real Estate Success Software to support current and future customers in managing the entire life cycle of real estate. To do so, Alasco plans to hire 120 top talents to expand the platform’s ESG functionality and assist customers in making better decisions regarding the environmental impact of their projects.