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Taurecon: Living Into the Future at the Quartier Heidestrasse

Surface area

A building complex with a neural network and a brain? With its 8.5-hectare Quartier Heidestrasse project, Taurecon Real Estate Consulting achieves the connection between construction and neurology. For starters, all of the seven buildings here are equipped with intelligent technology, with flexibly controlled heating and elevator systems, and parking spaces and conference rooms that are intelligently bookable. These are just a few of the features networking these buildings together in one-of-a-kind fashion. All of the data on technology usage here flows into the nerve center of the Quartier Brain for data processing to generate an even more intelligent system and place to live.

This is how Taurecon gets this up-and-coming, vibrant neighbourhood in the northwest part of central Berlin ready to take on the future, one that will see the Quartier delivering all kinds of living and office spaces, public and grassy areas, and cafes and restaurants to a diverse public with its many different needs – always faithful to its “mix it like Berlin” mantra.

What Taurecon does: procurement of planning permission, contractor representation, budgeting and scheduling, contractor negotiation, general planning, construction monitoring, and administration and rental of commercial real estate.

Solid, Easy-to-Understand Financial Processes Thanks to Alasco

“You’ve got your workflow that keeps paperwork moving in the direction it needs to. There are simply no delays. It’s easy and intuitive – and that makes all the difference.” -Daniel Schreiber, Head of Project Development at Taurecon