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Free Checklist: 6 key factors for securing project finance

Securing finance for construction and property development is as important as ever – but it’s becoming more complex. Now there are an increasing number of factors at play, from tighter lending criteria and reporting requirements to the sustainable credentials of your plans, accurately calculating liquidity for reliable financial planning is no easy task.

There’s a growing demand to simplify project management and sales, secure financing and predictable revenues. But which factors have the biggest influence on how effective your approach is? And how can you minimise risk? In this checklist, we’ll look at six factors that will increase the security and transparency of your financing process.

Stand out in the changing investment landscape

In this checklist, you’ll get a summary of six factors that can improve your chances of securing finance. Including:

  • Using cross-project benchmarking to maximise profit and minimise risk
  • Carrying out liquidity planning in real-time (without Excel)
  • Boosting your credibility with detailed & tailored reporting