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THE FLAG: Social Senior Living for Independence Together at Costa del Sol

Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain
95 single and double senior living units
2021 – 2023
Surface area

A family enterprise, THE FLAG places particular value on seniors being able to independently live here inside their own four walls, with as much service, care, and company as they choose. A view of Estepona’s breathtaking surroundings is just as important, along with the high-quality facilities, the inviting ambience, and wide array of outdoor activities residents can enjoy. With short or long-term stays available, guests choose how long they spend at the Costa del Sol.

Modern Software Delivers Spanish Project Success

The key challenge: A project in another country that THE FLAG is managing from Germany. This is why the company chose Alasco’s cost controlling software solution. It maintains the overview of everything going on with the international project, keeps things smooth-running, and ensures successful work and interaction between the teams situated on different parts of the continent. As Eike Muhr, Managing Director of THE FLAG puts it, “With such a challenging project, it is extremely important for us to realise the things we set out to do on time and on budget. That’s why controlling tools are always very important.”


As a family enterprise, THE FLAG sees itself as a host. After all, the project developer offers people a place to live that’s custom-fit to their specific needs, and that its residents can call home for extended periods of time. THE FLAG plans and constructs its buildings itself, with a focal point on senior living, student apartments, and business living. With a number of buildings in different countries; more than 2,200 high-quality, centrally-located apartments; and a great selection of additional services including concierges, restaurants, underground parking garages, gyms, cleaning services, and much more, THE FLAG delivers modern, independent living in an urban surrounding.