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Free Whitepaper: Your real estate project’s most important KPIs

Keep track of your most important real estate project KPIs: The more decision makers in real estate and property deepen their knowledge about what goes on in a project and the different aspects impacting it, the more goal-oriented and forward-thinking they operate. Stressful, daily project work leaves painfully little time for rooting out and identifying errors and risks. The right information can be a big help here.

Data acquisition, data storage, and its systematic analysis provide maximum value on the way towards a project’s success. In today’s world of working from home and decentralised operations, state-of-the-art digital processes and tools along with the right software solutions make intelligent data analysis easy for anyone in charge of running a real estate project.

Key Performance Indicators: Step up your finance management

A project’s financial data will always reflect its most important aspects like costs, budgets, and amendments. And you can place a GBP value on every change order or delay. This information is typically stored in one or more spreadsheets. So the person heading a project has to ask any one of the following questions every day:

Are the numbers up to date? Is the data from the right source? Is this information compared with the rest of everything else we know? Project team collaboration can be hampered by:

  • inaccurate calculations and spreadsheets
  • data access and updates that the rest of the team is not aware of
  • technical breakdowns

Wrong decisions based on unreliable data are always an impediment to smooth operations. But indicators offer a quick insight into a project’s current status, help generate strategic project goals on the operative level, and show how a project’s individual factors coexist.

Find out how to make more of your data

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How to generate the right KPIs for your real estate project
  • How to determine your project’s success with KPIs
  • How to build an intelligent database for you company