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Speed ​​up invoice approval with these 11 Alasco features

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First, you have to remember to update the cost table manually. Maybe there’s a typo that goes unnoticed – it happens all the time with manual data transfer. Now the invoice is waiting for approval. But whose desk is it sitting on? Just as quickly, the discount period has passed and you’re paying full whack on your bill. That’s the typical invoice run as we know it. But it’s a process that often leads to missed deadlines and unnecessary costs.

Now there’s a better way! With Alasco, you can set up a digital invoice approval flow that matches your existing processes. The result? You’ll start releasing invoices three times faster just like THOST. In this article, we explain how we deliver on this promise and what 11 features make invoicing easier and more efficient in Alasco.

1. Alasco captures invoices in one click

Instead of manually uploading every invoice, you have two options:

  • Bulk upload several invoices to Alasco in one go
  • Automatically upload invoices to Alasco by forwarding them all to a project email address that’s linked to your account

Both methods save time and ensure that all invoices are recorded completely, accurately and easily on the system – ready for the next step in the digital approval process.

2. Text recognition pulls invoice details

No more chasing countless spreadsheets, full of manually-typed, error-prone billing information. Once an invoice is uploaded to Alasco, the automatic text recognition reads the invoice details like the contractor and amount due, and adds this information to the right fields. A quick look at the data, the last entries – to add the processing period, for example – and your colleague can check the invoice.

3. Quick-add lets you add new contractors without leaving the invoice flow

“These days I approve the final account within 15 minutes. Before Alasco, I needed a full hour!”

Torsten Hecht, Project Manager, THOST

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Got an invoice from a new contractor? In Alasco, you don’t have to click away from your invoice verification run to add their information. Just hit + Add new in the Complete Invoice Details step to add their details without interrupting your workflow.

4. Comment on invoices with the PDF editor

Print it, correct it, scan it, send it on… Save yourself the hassle and do it all digitally in Alasco instead. The markers, pens and stamps in our PDF editor make it easy to comment on invoices, whether you’re editing on the go from your phone or tablet, or from an office computer.

5. Integrated document management keeps everything together

Whether the main contract or change orders, now you can store all the documents relating to an order in Alasco – ready to retrieve any time. This way, you have all the relevant paperwork stored digitally in one system. No need to manually search through analogue or digital files when you need to reconcile.

6. Automatic alerts prevent manual errors

Exceeded order volume or uploaded the same invoice twice? Alerts help you spot errors in the review process before they become a problem.

7. Alasco automatically applies contract terms to invoice run

The amount to be paid out doesn’t always match the total requested on the invoice. With Alasco, you don’t need to manually match order conditions like insurance or withholdings with the invoice to get the actual amount to be paid out. It’s all done for you.

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Here’s how it works: You add the information once per order, then Alasco accounts for it on each individual invoice verification and calculates the final total automatically. This eliminates human error in the process and ensures that the final total is transparent and traceable.

8. Tags make it easy to sort and filter invoices

Want to bring up all invoices related to #ancillarycosts, #acquisition or #discount? Tags are keywords that make it easy to label invoices, so you can bundle and sort them for individual orders or multiple projects. This way, you can filter, sort and regroup invoices and find them quickly.

9. Notifications so you never miss a task

What’s next on your to-do list? In Alasco, you get a clear overview of your tasks in My tasks along with the urgency and invoice status for each one. Not using Alasco regularly? No problem. You’ll get a reminder email with all your upcoming tasks every week, so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or forgetting something important.

10. Alasco forwards approved invoices automatically

Your invoice has been uploaded, checked, verified and released. Now what? In Alasco, you can create one or more email addresses in the system under Master data that automatically forward the invoice cover sheet to the accounting department. By automating this process, no valuable hours are wasted and the accounting department knows how much to pay which contractor, and exactly how the final total is made up.

11. Workflow overview makes the invoicing process 100% transparent

Where is the invoice right now? Who’s responsible for the previous or next step in the workflow? How many steps are left before final payment? Alasco’s transparent Workflow overview gives you a clear overview of the invoicing process, so you can see where an invoice has been, where it is now and how many steps have still to be completed. It’s easy to check if the right person has been assigned, how urgent your step might be and who can answer questions or speed up the process.

Start streamlining your invoice approval process today

Want to get rid of error-prone Excel spreadsheets and switch to a transparent, digital workflow to speed up your invoicing process? Then Alasco is the perfect partner. Get in touch to book your demo today.