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Project Management 4.0 in Real Estate – Question the Status Quo

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How is my work environment going to change?

Flexibility, being open to new things, and a willingness to learn are abilities that are taking on increasing importance in today’s era of digital transformation. Digital competence begins with an acceptance of modern technology. Project directors are not only the key implementers of digital projects, but those who profit the most from them as well. Their job is to create and maximise digital structures along with new processes within and across all projects.

It’s important that the project team has its own experiences with digital tools as well. This helps overcome the uncertainty and fear that might accompany organisational change, technological developments, or a complete re-working of existing processes. Project heads whose job it is to push a company’s business success will be surprised by the speed, certainty, and improved processes resulting from modern technology.

Question the status quo!

The project team needs to take a critical, honest look at the status quo before a new solution can be decided upon:

  • Which processes are not running smoothly, and could be accomplished even better by the use of software?
  • Are we currently using modern tools and software? Or are there other, better solutions that might even be easier to use?
  • Do we possess the right internal knowledge to evaluate digital solutions?
  • How intuitive is the new tool? How fast can the team learn and begin to effectively use it?
  • How can we successfully implement digital processes into the project?

Digitalisation makes workflows easier. Software solutions should also be user-friendly. Don’t think for a minute that you and your team can’t get the hang of digital solutions! Modern software offers simple, easy-to-understand interfaces and personal support.

Project Management 4.0 with Alasco

Lots of companies that work in project development and cost control typically battle with complex network structures as they strive to deliver work on time, within the budget, and at the desired level of quality. A lot of these project teams still try to juggle the vast amount of information in their projects with Excel spreadsheets or their own company-internal solutions. This however really isn’t going to achieve the precise planning, cost control, and management they aim for, particularly when taking care of all the obligations of a large project.

Alasco’s got the solution. Get rid of complicated, confusing Excel files. Alasco gives you the information you need for accurate planning, cost control, and project finance management on one digital platform. Everyone working on your project profits from its cloud-based technology:

  • Identify and correct project weaknesses on the spot
  • Faster, error-free completion of administrative tasks
  • Create automated, individualised reports and achieve a numbers- and fact-based communication within your project

Digitisation doesn’t slash jobs. It promotes a modern company culture and way of working that pays off in the form of project success. Today’s digital technology is your tool for achieving all of your project goals!