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Onboarding at Alasco: Your quick start with the cloud

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When you upgrade to modern software, you want your property developments to benefit from the start. That’s why our onboarding process empowers you from day one with dedicated support from your personal Customer Enablement Manager. The whole Customer Enablement team will work closely with your project and development managers to get project teams up and running with Alasco in the shortest possible time.

Your personal Customer Enablement Manager will guide you through onboarding and beyond. The process is designed for flexible working, so you’ll be able to track your first steps in Alasco and monitor your progress no matter where you work from or what device you use. Your Customer Enablement Manager will work with you to lay the groundwork for your first project in Alasco through video meetings, phone calls and email or online chat.

Our Customer Enablement Team is made up of colleagues with several years of industry experience and project management expertise specific to real estate and construction. Everyone at Alasco works every day to make your day-to-day life easier by optimising processes and digitising your projects.

Your Alasco onboarding journey in 5 steps

1. Kickoff

A successful onboarding process starts with transparent communication around your expectations and challenges. We’ll start with a kickoff meeting, where we’ll define and agree on your roadmap.

2. Data migration

To give you the best possible start with your new software, the next step is to transfer all your existing project data to Alasco. This means you can benefit from all Alasco’s features on your ongoing projects right away – no need to wait for a clean slate.

3. Enablement

Because we’ll have a clear understanding of your challenges and expectations from the Kickoff meeting, we can get you using Alasco on projects independently in a very short time. You can track your progress live and our comprehensive knowledge base means we can teach entire project teams to use Alasco in a way that’s easy to digest. For example, through short video clips where we explain individual use cases.

4. Personal support

Your personal Customer Enablement Manager is here to support you and your project team throughout the onboarding process. With a focus on optimising processes, the first step is to agree on your roadmap for onboarding, work out the best project structure and set up your workflows in Alasco. Need help during the process or have questions about a specific Alasco feature? You can get in touch with your CE Manager any time.

5. Launch

Your project structure is set up, all your data is available, your workflows have been created and everyone involved has their own Alasco login. To round off your onboarding, we’ll have a meeting to answer any open questions you might have and make any necessary tweaks in Alasco. Now you’re ready to manage all your projects with Alasco!

“Formål recently underwent the onboarding process with Alasco. A roadmap was laid out at the start, and the onboarding team were clear and methodical with their tuition and demonstrations. Alasco checked in regularly to monitor progress, and the team were on-hand to offer support as and when it was required. We found the onboarding to be a thorough and well executed process.”

Dominic Facchino, Managing Director at Formål Property

Collaboration beyond onboarding

With your successful launch, you’ve already taken the most important step. By mapping your processes into digital workflows and keeping your data secure in Alasco, you can make quick and reliable project decisions based on real-time data. Everyone involved in your developments can collaborate seamlessly too, whether they’re working from the office, on-site or on the go.

Even after your onboarding is complete, our Customer Enablement Team is here to support you. We’ll be on hand to answer your questions, check in on how your projects are progressing and keep you informed about new features in Alasco.