Asset managers, ESG managers and project managers from leading companies use Alasco

Asset and portfolio analysis within minutes with the CO2 Monitor

Determine your assets' energy and emissions balance with just 5 data points and conduct a risk assessment along the decarbonisation path according to CRREM and taxonomy conformity.

  • Obtain the energy and emissions balance of your assets
  • Evaluate ESG risks along the decarbonization path according to CRREM and taxonomy conformity
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the stranding point and energy efficiency of assets

Identify ESG risks fast and take targeted actions

Discover the pivotal forces shaping your portfolio's environmental footprint right on our dynamic dashboard. Evaluate and compare your assets through an ESG lens, empowering you to pivot your asset strategy. Dive into strategic planning scenarios to gauge the impact of diverse measures and unlock a more sustainable future for your investments.

  • Fast analysis of the ESG performance of your portfolio
  • Assess and compare all assets in terms of ESG considerations
  • Unleash the full potential of your real estate by addressing risky assets strategically and ensuring the value of your properties.

Big numbers prove it


faster ESG analysis with Alasco


cost-savings compared to external consultants


to identify the stranding point of an asset


Hear it from our customers

Take a peek at what leading real estate companies value about Alasco

"The software makes our ESG analysis of properties much easier and enables a high quality standard thanks to a valid database. The integration of benchmarks means that assets with an incomplete database can also be analysed.”

Torsten Hanuschik / Director & Authorised Signatory at Gleeds Germany

"With cloud-based data management, we can now simulate data-based scenarios with one click and make informed management decisions for our properties and portfolios in order to make them climate-neutral by 2045."

Dr. Thorsten Bischoff / Managing Partner at VALUES.Real Estate

"With the ESG Optimiser from Alasco, we are using an intelligent solution that shows the investment volume required for decarbonisation on the one hand and visually presents the impact on the stranded asset date on the other."

Dominik Barton / CEO of the Barton Group


Sustainable insights across your assets

Projections in the CO2 Monitor

Classify assets based on the decarbonisation pathway according to CRREM.

Multi-asset dashboard

Compare assets and identify ESG risks.

Energy efficiency classes

Map and classify energy efficiency classes.

Import consumption data

Import consumption data into Alasco and use it for various ESG analyses.


We’ve put together some commonly asked questions

How much time can Alasco save for a complete ESG Due Diligence?

By using Alasco, customers can get a quick due diligence within 5 minutes. For a more detailed Due Diligence in analysing the asset in different areas you only need around 20 minutes.

What data do I need to conduct an analysis of an asset?

For a quick ESG analysis within Alasco we only need 5 data points: asset naming, location, type of use (residential, office etc.), information on the technical equipment of the building (heating, cooling, ventilation), type of heating system and electricity.

Where does all our data come from?

We created a model for optimisation measure based on evidence-based calculations. We have built up a research team and partnerships with the Institute for Housing and the Environment, the CRREM Institute, BSW Solar, the University of Braunschweig and many more.