June 12-13, 2024


Zoo Palast Berlin, Germany

Let's talk at INVESTMENTexpo!

Expert panel

Manage-to-Green & Sustainable Investments
June 12th, 2024 at 10:50 AM CET
Zoo Palast, Cinema 3

What development strategies are asset managers and investors pursuing and what requirements are being placed on new direct investments?

Join Art-Invest Real Estate Funds, Union Investment Institutional Property, Schroder Real Estate and Alasco to explore these questions and more. Get exciting insights and practical tips directly from industry experts.

Why talk to Alasco

How do I identify the most profitable ESG investments for me?
How do I ensure financial governance in my projects?
And how do I set up efficient CAPEX management?

These and other questions will be answered by our industry experts at INVESTMENTexpo. They will share how over 300 leading real estate companies are already using Alasco to analyse their properties, assess ESG risks, prioritise optimisation measures and manage their financial implementation in such a way that the value of their properties continues to increase.

Because this is the key to making and managing sustainable and profitable investments.

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INVESTMENTexpo is the networking event for direct exchange, discussion, dialogue and knowledge sharing for real estate and infrastructure investors.

A congress for decision-makers who discuss the opportunities and risks of equity and debt-financed real asset investments and their management on global markets.

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